Is it just me or does KDE consumes less energy than GNOME?

Question based on what I observed not measured.

Thank you.

If you mean “energy” as in system resources then yes. KDE Plasma is not a heavy DE even though people have pushed the false narrative that it is for years. In the current state of Linux, GNOME uses the most resources of all DEs available due to how it was made with Javascript and especially more so when you add Extensions to it.


Thank you Michael. I also observed that plasma uses less battery on laptops.

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Yes, this is also true. KDE Plasma uses significantly less resources than GNOME so because of that it also uses less energy/power and because of that less battery drain. This is one of the reasons Pine64 is now shipping Pinebook Pros with Manjaro KDE edition as its very efficient even on lower end hardware while still providing a lot of powerful features and tools. :+1:


Thanks Michael. You are all awesome. Much appreciated and regards to whole crew.

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Sorry, this is not actually on topic, but maybe not worth a topic of its own: Does Plasma do autorotate?

Re: consume less energy - It depends what you are trying to do. For example, changing a theme might actually take a little MORE energy, as you must change the icons in one place, the window decorations in another place, (and don’t forget the GTK theme that also must change to match) the mouse in another place, and the colors in, yet, another place… and don’t forget the desktop AND the actual theme itself… oops, did I miss the fonts?!? :stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue:

As much as I really want to hate on KDE, though, it is one of the smoothest looking and functioning desktops out there today. I love how it can seamlessly present both GTK and QT apps to the degree that, unless you are looking at the menu structure, it can be very hard to tell what tool kit was used.
I really wish they would stop making those flat, hi-dpi icons and widgest look so neat and cool. I really want to hate those too, but I just… can’t stop liking the way KDE implemented them.

Not so sure about less energy, for what it saves in battery power, it seems to make up for in elbow grease clicking in all those places. :stuck_out_tongue:

I was going to compare the relatively trivial process for changing themes on Pop_OS’s gnome implementation… but it suddenly dawned on me that I don’t know how. Even more worrisome is the thought that I liked the default so much I haven’t ever tried to find out. But I’m sure it IS do-able, and I’m reasonably certain it has got to take less ‘energy’ than KDE. 0:slight_smile:

(And I agree… Michael IS pretty awesome.)

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I don’t know, but you could try these scripts: Autorotate S.A.M. :sunglasses::+1: