Is installing btrfs on Ubuntu 22.04 really this complicated?

Newbie here.

Ubuntu 22.04 btrfs install video: Ubuntu 22.04 'Jammy Jellyfish' BTRFS Bootstrap Installation | Command Line BTRFS Installation - YouTube I tried to follow this video but it quickly became super technical. Is installing btrfs to Ubuntu 22.04 really this complicated?! Way way above my newbie head. Looks like my only option is to hire an online tech support expert. You see any other option?

I tried carefully following two other simpler videos but didn’t work. One crashed my VM and the other coughed up various fatal errors.

yep… same for Debian

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So I’m putting out the request for someone to code up a simple GUI tool to make it easy for a newbie to install btrfs on Ubuntu with separate partitions for /, swap and /home. And with all the right settings like noatime, compress=, space_cache, discard=, etc…

I want the btrfs setup to unlock the full suite of snapshot backup features and grub-menu selection capabilities for easy rollback to previous snapshots of / or /home or both.

Imagine me standing on a rooftop and shouting this into a megaphone. :slightly_smiling_face:

My hunch is this GUI tool would be quick and easy to make. Ok coders, get busy! :blush: :wink:

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Posted to tuxdigital chat

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That’s the Discord channel?

There’s a Discord (primary) and a Matrix community. I posted it to both with a quote and link to your request. The IRC is not really in use but there’s a Telegram room bridged to Matrix if you want to use it from there.

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Cool. Thanks. I saw the post on the discord channel. Btrfs snapshots are (I’ve heard) a really great way to do easy backups and easy recoveries. Both of these features would be great for newcomers to Linux. But with btrfs being so technical to install, that limits adoption to only those with high level Linux skills.

I know btrfs is built into Fedora. I tried Fedora before switching to Ubuntu. Fedora presented so many big and small problems that I had to switch. Ubuntu had way fewer technical problems. I’m very grateful for the Ubuntu team for making such a user friendly and newb friendly distro.

So I still get confused setting up an efi partition plus a boot partition and BTRFS.

Seemed so much easier back in the MBR days. Given up doing the manual partition thing.

Turns out the partition setup is the easy part. The harder part is setting up the partition parameters. I had to hire an online Linux expert to get it done. Also needed to install some apps from github; also quite complicated to do. I’m surprised no one has written a GUI app to make it easy for newbies like me to install btrfs onto Ubuntu. Btrfs install difficulties cause a lot of people, like me, to lose access to the goodness of snapshots.