Is Cockpit the solution?

I am doing sysAdmin for a WISP. Linux was supposed to be a driving reason for me being hired, but in reality the owner/engineer/architect does not want to spend time in a shell. He runs Windoze, and wants to administer from Windoze. I need to admin from Linux through and through for sanity’s sake.

A couple months back we demo’d Cockpit on a CEntOS 7 install, and it was lacking. However, on the CEntOS/RHEL 8 and Fedora 31 installs it has moved the needle quite a bit.

A major solution he is looking for is the ability to manage virtual machines from a web or application interface much like VMWare. This was the inspiring feature addition that makes Cockpit look like a promising solution.

I have spent a lot of time in Virtual Machine Manager, but I have very little experience with VMWare or the capabilities of the interface. Will Cockpit’s virtual machine management features hold weight with the VMWare of yesteryear to allow cross-platform administrative management of our Linuxy daemons?

Thanks for the show Eric and Brandon!

Doesn’t oVirt have a nice pretty interface?

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Thanks for the question!

oVirt would be a great option. Though, Cockpit in RHEL8/Fedora is MUCH improved. I use it for managing VMs on my local host. In fact, Virtual Machine Manager is being replaced by Cockpit.

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I’ve been keeping a distance eye on Cockpit. Maybe it’s time to upgrade the home lab Linux server from CentOS 7 to CentOS 8 and take another look at Cockpit.

I can’t run oVirt on my server because oVirt does not support AMD cpu’s. It didn’t last time I checked ( about a year ago ), so that might have changed. I’ve been using virt-manager and some plugin I found that allows me to authenticate remotely so that I can manage VM’s from my laptop ( Linux-based ).

@Abstract_Penguin keep us updated as I’m curious to learn about the solution you end up deploying.

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Will do. I am swamped with field and tower work at the moment. But, once we get the hardware in we will be building all new machines.

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Umm. . . The co-owner had such a good deal on a server. . . so good, it was too good to be true.

Still waiting on hardware to be ordered lol.

I didn’t know ovirt doesn’t support AMD CPUs. Is that just newer ones or older ones too? I have a pre-Ryzen desktop as a home server but it has Ubuntu and I was thinking of changing moving to CentOS base and using Ovirt to get a few VMs on it.

If it’s too good to be true…what’s the catch? Is the server EOL?

Proxmox and XenServer are alternatives with web gui’s but I think oVirt and/or Cockpit would be better solutions.

If you are considering updating to CentOS 8, It might be worth your time to also consider deploying something else like Openshift 4 or K3s with Kubevirt.

You can still run VMs, but the control plan is K8s, so you can also dive into K8s stuff as well.


How many hosts are you planning to manage and is it all going to run virtual machines?

Standalone KVM use cockpit, it is awesome and it gets new features every 2 weeks that really improve the experience.

If you are planning on clustering with Live Migration and shared storage you need to take a good look at oVirt or KubeVirt running on OpenShift or OKD.

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