IPFS - good, bad or "bad but fixable"?

For the most part some people would equate https://ipfs.tech/ with blockchain and NFTs and cryptocurrencies.

I’m more interested in IPFS as a “distributed” Github. Would it ever be possible to store distro packages in IPFS (DEBs, RPMs, NixPkgs or KDE’s Get Hot New Stuff)? Would this be different from taking ISOs off of torrent sites (sadly I have no examples on hand)?

For now, someone creating their own distro has to either host the package server themselves or use Github as a file server (or hosting a package server for any other language… from Perl to Java).

The obvious solution would be to post the torrent file of the ISO on the mother node of the website along with a checksum of it or in the alternative a link to a torrent site where the torrent file can be found. Admittedly it would be rather slow going unless or until there were sufficient people seeding it, but that is no different from any torrent.

I doubt that many people would want to host a node containing a ISO of one GB or more.

The best use situation for ipfs is for communities that are persecuted dissidents. The protocol can’t be censored. Of course there is also the aspect that there isn’t any hosting cost and the domain purchase is an outright purchase forever or until you lose the key pair for the website. If you use a service like unstoppable domains then you can use a crypto ipfs url for a crypto wallet address.

Whether ipfs is good, bad, or bad but fixable really depends on your use case.