[Introduction] Ho Ho Ho! Ya'll!

Here’s the Santa of IT checking in! I figured the appropriate place for the first post was hardware, especially TEAM RED! (get it? AMD & Santa?) BWAHAHAHAHAHA… umm, I mean HO HO HO!!!


ewww… that was punny… :grin:

I just ordered a Ryzen 7 2700x and MSI x470 motherboard to rebuild my desktop which is a 3rd gen i5. I’m super excited to have something modern!


I also recently replaced a 3570K with a 3800X. Also earlier this year I replaced a dead GTX 670 with an RX 570. So I’m at the first point in my life where I’m all AMD and I’m pretty happy. Maybe when Intel’s 10nm stuff comes out next year I’ll jump on that since my wifes machine is due for an upgrade as well. As far as the CPU upgrade goes I noticed a fairly decent jump in performance. For single core workloads it seemed like I got a 30-40% bump. Of course multi-core workloads it’s blown out of the park.


You will love it. I’m running R7 2700x, x470, 32GB RAM 3200 Mhz. I’ve ran 2 VMs (Feodra 4 cores/4gb ram and Windows10 4 cores/4gb ram) each running 1080p youtube video in firefox while running firefox and chromium on my main Arch install each playing youtube videos while playing with vector graphics in inkscape with all distros running gnome and the 2700x didn’t even break a sweat.

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