Intel Moves Back to US with Major Production Push

Hey DLN-HA Team and Community,

Recently in the episodes, there has been talk about Intel. Personally, I am usually an AMD guy since back in the early-mid 2000’s. But, I recently went for a Lenovo (based on the show’s discussion on Lenovos made me more aware of how Linux positive they are - THANK YOU SO MUCH btw :slight_smile: ) which has an Intel i7. It works great.

More related to Intel, their past (most recent) CEO was looking to move out of the chip market (which I believe had been discussed on HA). Today, while listening to Bloomberg, there was a discussion about how the new CEO is looking to move back into the chip market - with force. Also, that chip market focus being moving it back to US based soil for construction and manufacturing.

Article: Intel Invests $20 Billion In 2 New Arizona Fabs

This article is not from Bloomberg, this one is from Forbes. I picked this one because it had less… junk for non-subscribers than the Bloomberg one :stuck_out_tongue:

I wanted to share this here so anyone interested could have a look and catch up on the more recent Intel developments. I hope it helps our community :slight_smile:


I’m similar, love AMD but here’s another Intel plus:

It’s possible to disable ME (Intel Management Engine) but to my knowledge there’s no known way to disable AMD’s equivalent called PSP (AMD Platform Security Processor).


Totally. And, I really was really worried about the idea of having a single maker in the chip market (any market, really). While I am a positive supporter of AMD, I want it to have competition (even just at least one) to help keep standards moving forward and improvements.

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I’m interested in buying some American made silicon. Intel of all companies should be about to do this since they don’t use TSMC for their Fab. Which is also why they struggle with supply at times. Hopefully some Arizona Fabs can help with that.