Installing Sway on Fedora Workstation

Sway is a tiling window manager supporting Wayland compositor protocol and i3-compatible configuration.
If you have issues running Wayland with Gnome or have an nvidia card this may not work for you.

sudo dnf module install sway/full

Configuration file is under:

The default configuration is run urxvt and dmenu but rofi is installed as well.

Some additional info on using a terminal as a launcher with fzf and compgen here: Wayland menu for Sway? · Issue #1367 · swaywm/sway · GitHub

It can be launched from an existing session in a terminal by just typing sway and enter.
If you’r’e using GDM it should be a selectable option when you log in.

Some Reference Links:



Very coo! This is something I have looked at in the past but didn’t get very far with. Do you happen to have any screenshots of what you’ve been able to do with it?


Alt+Tab Menu (Sorry forgot to turn the TV off)


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