Installing Arch Linux, as a total Newbie

Hi, DLN community!

I became interested in Linux a little more than two years ago, and I decided to switch in the autumn of 2019. I did some research, and Arch Linux was the operating system that seemed to offer me the things I need. However, it took a lot of searching and reading (Arch Wiki, tutorials, even MAN pages) to understand what is going on.
So, I decided to give back to the community, and I made a detailed guide in which I don’t just run through the installation as fast as I can, because when I was installing Arch, I wanted to understand each command and each parameter along the way. So, I decided to explain everything I learned, step by step, as I install Arch Linux in a virtual machine.

If anyone is interested, feel free to browse the playlist on YouTube.


Firstly YES to this. Well done and thank you for becoming a creator.

Secondly… OMG I love original XCOM!

My last play-through I made a rule that no research was allowed (aside from getting the ship to make it to the end). It was absolute mahem, just tanks with explosive shells and people running around with backpacks filled C4 and smoke grenades as soon as rifles became worthless. The ones who couldn’t run didn’t make it but everyone was protected from alien mind control because no one had a gun. lol

We’ll just say there was a lot of saving and reloading.

Super cool and comprehensive. You did a great job.

It’s too bad a person following your how to will get a cold shoulder and a “follow the official guide” from the Arch forums if they ask for help with their install.

That’s an Arch problem though not a you problem.

Keep making content!

XCom is a great game! However I decided to play the stream with no save-reload, so whenever I make a grave strategic or tactical mistake, I just have to live with it. But I admit, rookies running around with exposive packs sounds like a great source of entertainment.

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Thank you.

Coincidentally, I even made a video on this particular issue. The Arch forums are for supporting the “official” way of running Arch Linux. In my video series, I follow that way, so you should not have any problem asking for help there. But, when asked how did you do it, you should never say, “I followed such and such guide”, because no one will watch a video guide to figure out what you did. Instead, you should tell them what commands you were using, and then the forum users will be able to help you out.

Or, you can do what the “official” stance on this by the Arch forums, and ask for support from the person who made the guide you used. In my case, my subscriber count is rather low, so if you run into a problem following a specific video, put your question in the comment section and I’ll try my best helping you out.


I’m enjoying that part, good decision. I also wasn’t aware of OpenXcom till now, I was pretty baffled by the new weapons/enemies till I looked it up, worth a new playthrough. :slight_smile:

I saw on your latest livestream that the Area 51 mod for OpenXCom isn’t available anymore. Is it FOSS? If so i’d love a copy and I can help share it. :slight_smile: