Infinity Gauntlet

Even though it was on Destination Linux and not DasGeek, thought you might like to hear that my 7yo daughter upgraded you from “The cool Green Guy” to “The cool Green Guy with the awesome glove” yesterday! She keeps telling me I need to get her a green chair like you have, and I’m sure she wants an Infinity Gauntlet as well (maybe even with the USB finger drive kung-fu action!). Good choice in keeping that hidden from your own!


I love hearing this! The Infinity Gauntlet has been in the clearance sections of our local Walmart’s so we were able to get one for <$50. Perhaps you will be able to get one for you and one for your daughter =)

I’ve had so much fun with the Gauntlet when friends come over. It’s funny how many adult friends of ours are instantly attracted to playing with it (even the non-geeks).

The chair I have is made by ‘RESPAWN’ it’s a pricey chair but I sit a lot and it is very comfortable.