Increasing audio volume over 100% via shortcut


I am using Manjaro KDE, but I think the issue is the same under other distros or DE’s:

Controlling my sound volume via shortcuts (either the explicit ones with volume icons on my keyboard, or a user defined shortcut) I can only increase the volume to 100%, not more.

But in most cases this is not enough for me. I can increase it over 100%, using pavu-control:

But I am searching for the “shortcut-version” of this. Is this possible somehow?

Kind regards


PS: I found this syntax, but it gives me an error “Failed to parse volume”:

pacmd set-sink-volume bluez_sink.B4_1A_1D_63_06_7A.a2dp_sink 150%

try replacing pacmd command with pactl

On i3 I used something like amixer -q sset Master,0 1+ unmute and amixer -q sset Master,0 1- unmute but currently I can’t test if it would work in KDE.