If you have a free moment to help get the DLN shows on Odysee

Responding to a problem here… all the DLN shows were recently split to their own channels meaning Odysee only has the main channel which is just clips.

The new channels will be synced but Odysee requires YouTube channels have >300 subs to enable the feature.

If you have a free moment here’s the list of new channels. Odysee users will thank you.

Destination Linux
Linux Out Loud
Linux Saloon
Hardware Addicts
Sudo Show
Game Sphere


is the odysee bridge libre software…
i would love to host my own relay that doesnt require 300 subs
if i start a channel, i would prefer it to be on odysee but would also relay it to youtube for more views.
but the odysee relay is flawed in the fact that you have to have 300 subs on yt first
ok rant over lol

I have no idea why Odysee has that limitation but it’s probably to do with Odysee having to use their own resources to provide the service.

Can you also add the channels listed in the first post to the youtube channel? I missed some when I went there earlier.

Another case of treating the symptom instead of the root cause…I know this is not going to happen, but youtube is the issue, again.

Wouldn’t it be great if the shows were uploaded to Odysee as the main platform, then shared with the other video sites? I’m just say’n.

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I’m now subbed to all of them.

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I already was subscribed to them all, I was wondering what was going on! :slight_smile: Now I know

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Ah… I think I missed this. Very confused of late being unable to find episodes of podcasts on odysee. Thanks for the clarification :slight_smile: