If you could choose what 2 new things the RPi 5 would have, that the RPi 4 doesn't have, what would that be?

If you could magically choose what 2 new reasonable things the Raspberry Pi 5 would have, that the Raspberry Pi 4 doesn’t have, what would that be? Not 3 things! That would be too ask too much. You can also consider a CM4 to be a Raspberry Pi 4, for the sake of this thread.

I’m going to say:

  • Faster ARM CPU
  • M.2 SATA slot
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  • A fully open source firmware stack.
  • A direct* kill switch for bluetooth/wifi.

* Cuts power by breaking the circuit solely through a jumper or basic switch with no software or way of being circumvented by hardware or software.

  • 8GB of RAM on the base model.
  • maybe a 1x PCIe slot

I’d even take a RPi 4 rebadged as an RPi 5 if I could have free, libre, and open firmware and software stacks.

  1. Multiple ethernet ports for firewall/router projects.
  2. M.2 slot supporting NVMe at PCIe4 speeds. This is a dream list, right?

Expandable ram ( up to 32Gb)
Killswitches (as said by @Ulfnic )

You forgot to mention “available stock”. :wink:

  1. M.2 NVME storage slot on the bottom
  2. connector for 2 external WiFi antennas
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I second the PCI slot, and request an open source video card with OS drivers for some ARM gaming

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  1. fm radio
  2. sticker printer

(seriously: 1. better connectivity for storage (m2 or sata) 2. better heat management)