I was wrong about 1080p Screens

I want to say here that I was wrong about my stance on 1080p screens for laptops. It is not enough pixel density, even on the 13"-14" displays. I also want to give a public apology to @dasgeek about this and say, I was wrong, he is absolutely correct on this. This is especially true when you are having to remote into other machines for various system administration tasks. A 1080p screen leaves you very constrained.

I will say, however, for a general user, 1080p is probably just fine but for any sort of what would be considered, “Power User” tasks, it is not good enough.

Ryan, you were right, I was wrong.


Dude you never need to apologize for anything to me. I think your right in that it can depend on use case. My biggest issue was laptops marketing to Linux priced well over $1k and sticking cheap 1920x1080 screens in them. I think it’s taking advantage of Linux users.


I’d like to hear a more in depth answer on 1080p vs. 1440p vs 4k ? From what I recall remoting into screens with higher resolution required more bandwidth? but also I had to adjust the screen to be able to work on those machine ( this was over 6yrs ago ).

From a more personal experience, i would say higher refresh rates has been the single biggest upgrade to my desktop/laptop experience EVER ! I’ve had everthing from old CRT displays, LED, etc, having more than 60Hz has been an incredible boost for me. Honestly cannot go back to lower than 60Hz. It affects latency so much, that remoting into machines is smooth and feel far more interactive, visually videos with higher bitrate and capable of displaying more than 60fps is also great. 1080p120Hz is great. 1440p120Hz Chef’s kiss.

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I totally get it. The point is, I admit that I was wrong here. After using the framework which has a 3:2 ratio, 2256x1504, is actually quite the sweet spot with displays of this size. I am normally docked when I do most of my work and I generally have 1080p screens in that mix. It is NOT as much fun to do the various tasks that must be done with those. It’s not that they are a poorer quality of display either. It is TRULY less useful. So, every time I said that anything more than 1080p was false. Maybe it was true at the time for me but it is no longer true due to the change in work that is now upon me.

You won’t change my mind on OLED tho. :smiley:

The higher the resolution, the greater the bandwidth that is required. It does appear tho, that most modern systems (not sure on the date of that one but at least the last few years) have the ability to push the higher frequency at the higher resolutions. I don’t do much that requires anything greater than 60Hz as that seems to be good enough for me but I am also not a FPS gamer.

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