I think I may be a Fedora user now

I am a self confessed distro hopper. When I hopped onto Pop OS I thought for sure that would be it. The end of hopping forever. But for me there is always greener grass just over the horizon. So I have been running Fedora 34 since yesterday on my Tuxedo Aura15.

So far I have

  • Installed Skyrim from Steam. I had some trouble getting it to run but its working now.
  • Installed all my favourite extensions and apps
  • updated my repos with free and non free etc
  • updated my dnf.conf in the proper way.
  • read up on the more interesting docs.
  • renamed my laptop fedaura (fedora on aura, gedit?)

Its early days but have I finally come home?


If so, you have company!
I ran through most of the Debian based in the last two months. I thought Pop! OS was it, then thought I hadn’t tried Open Suse or Fedora. Didn’t care for Suse, but Fedora 34 was it. I’m home.
Now comes the learning curve. I can’t wait.


After nearly 6 months hopping distros and desktop environments, after leaving MacOS and Windows for dead… Fedora is home for me now. The Cinnamon spin ended the DE war too. Super stable, low on memory usage etc. Welcome aboard, I hope you enjoy the ride. I’ve been on it for 5 months so far.


I spent just about a year on Fedora. Very very solid, but the rolling bug got me in the end. I wish you all luck staying still! :rofl:

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I actually started with Suse. This was years before it became “Open”. I don’t remember the version number but it was fairly low, I’m thinking this was about 2002 maybe? I had installed Red Hat from floppies at work in 1999 but that never stuck.

Back to Fedora I’m liking how familiar dnf is having come from years of apt. I am especially looking forward to gnome 41. We’ll see how my laptop survives the transition to Fedora 35. That will be telling, not to long to wait now.

Just a little about gnome 40. Ok its not perfect out of the box but what it is, is a perfect starting point for customisation with simple extensions. Where as Pop tries to customise for the end users benefit and get 90% there I find myself caught fighting those decisions System 76 have made. With vanilla gnome such as Fedora offers I can make my own decisions.

I tried Fedora 33 beta and it made me leave Pop OS. When Fedora 34 came out I had issues that I couldn’t resolve and other people tried to help me with them and I finally gave up and went with Zorin. I tried going back to Pop but it just didn’t feel the same to me. Last week I decided to help with Ubuntu test week and ran Ubuntu 21.10 beta and loved it. I also tried the Fedora 35 beta on another machine but almost felt like it was an alpha instead of a beta. Yesterday I installed Fedora 35 beta on this my main computer using a spare hard drive and what ever problems I had last week were fixed and it is really nice. I use the workstation edition so it is Gnome. I may use Ubuntu on another computer but I am happy to be back to Fedora


Nice to hear they fix bugs quickly.

What would cause all gnome extensions to one day be turned off? Attempts to turn them back on does nothing, A reboot leaves them all off again

I have fixed the issue by installing gnome-extensions-app. Apparently this is a different package to gnome-extensions. Hopefully this fix sticks, can’t see why it wouldn’t. I’m just a little confused why it went wrong in the first place.

Fedora is a close second for a distro that would be my daily driver. In the last few years, it has really come together to be a great experience. Distribution updates are seamless, the default user experience is very acceptable, requiring few tweaks to make it just as I desire. DNF has really given Zypper a run for its money when it comes to package management and I love it. I love that the Fedora community has really made DNF a package manager that meant, “Does Not Finish,” to “Doing iNstant Finish”. I am quite impressed with the growth.

Fedora is truly a great choice for a daily desktop and server distribution. I am glad you are enjoying your time there!

Well its been a few months now, and a version later and I am more impressed with Fedora than ever. A few weeks ago It replaced Pop on my main Gaming / Skyrim PC. Today it finally replaced Ubuntu Mate on my low spec laptop. This is the Cinnamon spin. I’ve not used Cinnamon before so I’ll give it a go for a few weeks and then decide whether to keep it or replace it with Fedora Mate or give XFCE a go.

With Fedora it seems to be fast, reliable and all the software I need.

Fedora is great. I started on it in 2013 and have always had it on a disk someplace. Actually thinking of ditching Arch after a year and going back to Fedora for my main machine.

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I hope that works out well for you. No reason it shouldn’t.

I’ve run it for over a year now with auto-update twice daily. Zero issues very impressed.

I came back to Fedora for Fedora 31 I believe. The last version I used before 31 might have been 17 or “Beefy Miracle.” I think I gave that a spin, but at the time I was leaning away from Linux as family and work obligations cut out “fun” computer time.

For me, even back in 2010 and that time frame, Fedora was just rock solid during an in place upgrade, and I can say that is still true for me. Upgrades have been so good, that I’m still running ext4 in an lvm stack from my original install which predated, btrfs as the default.


So cinnamon was still a little too big. My Lenovo only has 2gb ram. And only 64gb eMMC storage. I am now trying the xfce spin of fedora, maybe this is the spin I’m looking for