How to start a Discourse forum?

I would like to start a Discourse forum like this on Digital Ocean but I’m confused about which way to go.

Do I create an Ubuntu server droplet first and then install Discourse?

Or do I just do a once-click install of Discourse from their app offerings?

If I do the one-click install won’t this create a server droplet anyway?

Thanks for the help and clarification.


If you go with the premade droplet, it will already be hardened to the standarda of this guide here:

It will also be like an appliance made just for discourse. If you wish to do it manually, then you can of course do that. They do have a tutorial for that as well!

If you need any help with this, then we are here for you.


The DO guides are solid. I’m fairly certain that’s what I followed the last time I set up Discourse. Don’t forget to use the DLN credit for DigitalOcean to get $100 credit -


This is very helpful. Thank you. I want to learn about setting up a server, so I think I’ll go with setting up a server first and then installing Discourse.

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I already have a DO account so I can’t use the credit :frowning:

I’m just curious who composed/wrote the forum rules and guidelines? They are the most intelligent ones I’ve read to date. Does that come pre-composed? Kudos to the author, in whatever case.