How to resize LVM on ubuntu 21.04 server

Hey all,

Am having issues with a plex server i made. i give the vm 500gb but after a few days i noticed the hard drive was only 200gb with 300 somewhere else?

I have used all 200gb up and i cant for the life of me get the extra 300gb added to the 200gb

i hope that makes sense. please see some screen shots below that may help explain it better

You need to extend the volume group. The storage is provisioned on the partition, but the volume group isn’t using it all. vgextend may be all you need. I’m a bit rusty on all the details.


Thanks for the reply

i have tried that but i get this back

what am i typing in wrong? i am totally new to lvm as you can see :slight_smile:

tried it like this too, take it am doing something wrong

not sure if this one helps


managed to do it using this guide but not sure how i did

i added a 100gb vhd and followed someone of that guide above but i got 400gb space spare.

i will have to create another server and have a play to see what i did .

thanks !

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It might you just needed an lvextend not a vg. I honestly struggle with extending volumes and end up googling it every time I have to do it.

Glad you got it sorted out!