How To Install Lineage OS On Amazon Fire HD 8 Tablet

By Wendy Hill


I just found this post. What an awesome project. Fire HD 8 ( 8th gen ) ordered.

Thank you @TheWendyPower

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My kids still use them almost every day. It was the best thing you can do to a Fire Tab.

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I was not able to get LineageOS installed. I thought I had bricked it, but I was able to get it working again. I may try again in the future.

However, what I was able to do was get the Fire Toolbox:

installed. This allowed me to rip every Amazon app out and use a custom launcher on top of stock Android. I did not elect to install any of the google services and instead am installing apps, one-by-one, from F-Droid or ApkPure.

My use-case is to have a small tablet that I can surf the web and read ebooks and the 8" form-factor works perfect for me. I have an old 10" iPad that never gets used, because…reasons. But I never liked the 10" form-factor.

They say the the Fire HD 8 is under-powered, but I have not had any issues at all with it.

I got Firefox and all of the extensions I use installed with no issues. I also found an app called New Pipe that is a youtube client that does not require any google servers. I’m currently looking for a good epub reader. For now, I’m using FBreader and it works. I just started using it, so no opinion as of yet.

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My kids are trying to play games on it, like Prodigy. There is another game I have them play for school and it will kick them out. If you are just doing a little book reading and web surfing the hardware is good for that.

Glad you did get a solution that is working for you!

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Hello, I am unable to figure out how to run the amonet.tar.gz. I haven’t figured out exactly which file it is and how to use it. I am a little green with linux. Could you please post the direct link to the file and give me some tips how to run it? I know how to do basic things with sudo.