How to get battery life in Arch that's comparable to Ubuntu

I’ve been running Arch for maybe 2-3 months now and I’ve been very happy with it. Only thing has been that it seems to be running slightly warm and as such also the battery life isn’t quite as good as I’d hoped.

Now that Ubuntu 19.10 came out, I thought I’d take a look at it as it’s been quite a while since I’ve run it (used to use Manjaro before Arch). And my mind is blown on how good of a battery life I’m getting on it. And the laptop seems to keep the temperatures down much better also.

Only thing is… I miss Arch… Or actually I miss the software in Arch as it’s much more up-to-date and of course there’s AUR…

So I’m a bit torn right now, I really really love using Ubuntu (with Regolith desktop), but the software just isn’t up to snuff. But then again I really love the rolling aspects of Arch, but the battery life isn’t so good.

So the question is… What magic has Canonical done in Ubuntu to get the battery life this good and is it something I can replicate in Arch?

And no, I haven’t really noticed that the CPU is running constantly high or anything in Arch. And I’m pretty much running the same software stack on Ubuntu as I was on Arch. I3 as the wm and polybar mainly. Although running i3 on top of gnome session in Ubuntu. In Arch it was plain i3

And on Arch I was running just the intel GPU drivers and on Ubuntu using the provided Nvidia drivers, but with the settings turned on “on demand”. So I guess it’s basically just using the intel on Ubuntu also.

Try TLP. Never used it myself though.

If it’s no good, you can also look at Power Management category on wiki.

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Yup, I’m already running TLP. And I have taken a look at the wiki. And of course it could be that Ubuntu is for example not using all the power that my laptop has to offer, but I just thought if anyone knew that Ubuntu has made some specific changes that could explain this