How to force a color profile system-wide via SSH and/or Ansible?

I’m currently looking into changing the color profile of our Linux machines and want to change it system-wide AND apply to new profiles by default.

We’re using CentOS 7 or Rocky Linux 9 (accessible via Teradici) + GNOME desktop, and by default, it applies “Automatic - Linux XGA”. The calibration curves it provides appear to be wonky as a result.



According to my coworker, who provided a side-by-side between what is outputted from Teradici vs what he sees from his PC:

I tried to forcefully delete the color .icc profile from the home profile, but it keeps regenerating the same profile, and I tried to set a default profile via /etc, but no dice

Any way for me to do this with Ansible or via Bash script?

I’m not familiar with ICC profiles on Gnome, but Fedora has some good documentation that might help. Management

thanks! Imma give this a read :slight_smile: