How to easily tell which windows are Wayland, or Xwayland?

I’m curious to give Wayland a try, once (non-beta) Fedora 33 comes out fairly soon. I have an integrated Intel UHD Graphics 620 video chip. Yes, I know, this is an old codger of a video chip. But at least it’s not Nvidia (for this purpose, namely Wayland use).

Some apps I use will be true Wayland windows, but some not-ported-to-Wayland apps will silently be using Xwayland. I’d like to have a convenient way of knowing which apps are the Xwayland ones, to take stock of which daily-driver apps I’ll encounter which are not “Wayland-ified”. Can anyone suggest an easy way to know this?

Could a colored aura appear around the Xwayland windows, for example? I’m looking for some sort of simple visual cue…

I sort of answered my own question. I asked myself, what app would be crucial to me which Wayland would probably have a hard time with? The answer to that is OBS. So I looked in the OBS forum to see if it supports Wayland well. Doubtsville.

OBS on Wayland would be the bomb.

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Agreed. Currently one of the only apps holding me back from full wayland is that pesky can’t-live-without OBS

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OBS using XWayland is fine though. At least with OBS 26.


I’m grateful that progress is being made. There are native Wayland windows (as opposed to Xwayland-handled windows) that I’d like to be able to capture with OBS, however, such as Firefox and LibreOffice Impress.

Wayland support within OBS is on the way

Not sure if your original question is still relevant but would xprop show you if it’s wayland once you run it and click the window?

Should be in most repos.

Thanks. I also saw another more crude technique, where you run “xeyes”, then observe if the xeyes follow your mouse when you click a Wayland window (they won’t).