How to do talking head screencast?

I’d like to do a recording of my screen with myself as a talking head in a small window in one of the corners of the screen. This will be a powerpoint presentation with LibreOffice Impress in fullscreen presentation mode. Does anyone have recommendations on how this could be done on Linux? I’m running Manjaro with Plasma DE.

get a turtleneck that matches one of your walls or curtains. and perhaps use OBS’s Chromakey to key out the color. should be left with your head.OBS Studio 134 - Chroma Keying & Green Screens - How to use green screen in OBS Studio (TUTORIAL) - YouTube

The video goes into how to make high quality Chromakey, but since you are doing a one off presentation you could get away with something not as hardcore and use it for inspiration.

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Thanks for the tips. That Chromakey feature looks like a very nice effect. I’m new to OBS so I’m trying to figure it out at the moment. So far I can’t figure out how to record my screen and my face through the camera at the same time as my head does not show up. I’m sure there is an easy option to make that work. I’ll watch some more tutorials online.

You probably dont have it in the right order. Sources render top down

Then you will need to perform a transform on your camera


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Here is one of the best resources for OBS


That worked! Very simple fix.

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Great, I’ll check out these videos. Thanks for the resources.

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