How to create bootable USB with Deepin

Hello all good people of the DLN :smile:
I need some help.
I want to put Deepin (Inspired by Jason’s article) on and old Macbook.
Using my main machine running Ubuntu 19.04, I am trying to use different applications I can find in the software center called Startup disk creater etc.
But when running them, they do not find the ISO with Deepin that I have downloaded. All other distros they can find?
Can any of you point me in the direction of a guide to make a bootabel USB with Deepin?
I am not a power user, so if I can avoid the terminal, it would be nice :blush:
Best Regards

A really popular tool is etcher (Website)

Its free(as in beer) and works on Linux, Windows and Mac. Just download it from their website.

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You can try with balenaEtcher (balenaEtcher - Flash OS images to SD cards & USB drives).
I’m not shure if I used it on Linux (I made too much testing the last two months :sweat_smile:) but it definitely worked on Mac OS !

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Got beaten ! :wink: but at least we agree

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Nice to see that you agree.
And I am very impressed with the speed that I got my answer with.
And I am glad to tell you that your advice worked.
I am currently in the process of installing Deepin :smile: