How to convert an Amazon Ebook to Epub

Hello Yall!

I have a Kindle Book I recently obtained.
(Its an IT book thats free for 24 hours as of 2020-01-07, Details for those interested )

And I am trying to find how I can take the book from Amazon’s ecosystem to my local Epub readers. I have not done this before so I am unfamiliar on how to do this on Linux.

Any Advice or good knowledge bases?

Thank you

While Investigating I found This thread

Most distro repositories have Calibre!

I use it to manage all of my ebooks (since I have a Kindle and older readers as well)…

I’ve used it to changes things to epub, from epub to mobi to amz3, or whatever you need!

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@rwaltr, what did you end up using?

Nothing, I was not able to find a solution that doesn’t depend on an amazon tablet.

Kind of annoying really

Does Calibre not do that? I have maybe 2 Kindle books so I haven’t ran into this a ton, but I also read off a Kindle.

Roundabout way, could you put it onto a Kindle, then back it up into Calibre, convert it, then move it to your local epud reader?

Also, doesn’t Amazon give you the option to download the ebook file from your Amazon account? IT’s been a long time since I’ve worked with that, but I ran into a similar frustration trying to pull my Amazon-purchased-digital-movie from their ecosystem and ended up empty handed as well.

So I didn’t think Amazon would let you download it directly to your filesystem.
I thought they only let you send to a Kindle device or the Kindle for PC Windows/macOS app.

However I just checked and there is an option to “Download and transfer via USB”. So maybe it possible to then just import the file into Calibre. If you can get that far, you probably still would need to strip the DRM. Perhaps this would work: Exactly how to remove DRM · apprenticeharper/DeDRM_tools Wiki · GitHub

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