How to backup your devices easily using Restic

Oh no… a new video!

On how to use backup!

Using the power of restic, we can perform quick and easy backups with multiple hosts to one central backup repository.

Let me know if you have any questions.

Now published on FrontPageLinux:


I love these videos!

Quick script for listeners creating the initial test enviroment:

mkdir -p ~/Documents/rwaltr/restic-tutorial &&
cd ~/Documents/rwaltr/restic-tutorial &&
mkdir ./fakedesktop ./backup &&
cd ./fakedesktop &&
echo -e “Hello world! :D\nHello world! :D\n” > ./test.txt &&
cp ./test.txt ./sftest.txt &&
cp ./test.txt ./sftfasdest.txt &&
cd ~/Documents/rwaltr/restic-tutorial &&
echo -e “\nTest Enviroment Ready:\n” &&
ls -R # Alternative to tree

Fyi: Even at 1080p fullscreen the text on the Website was still tiny and blurry but no big deal it was quick intro. One day i’ll be coder Zues with my 4k monitors running on pure lightning but not yet. :stuck_out_tongue:

Also super explicit directory parameters are easier to follow but totally optional, like: restic -r ./backup/ restore cee1d1f3 --target ./restoretarget/

Curious what you used to make tmux look so good.

Thank you so much!! Now I know about Restic and how to use it.

I rendered this at 2k, is it still blury at that resolution? Might need to look into recording into something more manageable

I would love to tell you, Its stock Tmux. I went looking for Fedora’s config file… but there isnt one so it must be tmux with ALL the default configs.

➤ sudo find / -iname tmux
blackphidora in ~ via took 9s 

Happy to help! Let me know how it works out for you.

EDIT: I forgot to make this a reply @Ulfnic

That fixed it.

I didn’t know YouTube was this bad on downsizing from 4k. I guess they care more about cpu cycles than bandwidth or they’re hoping no one notices.

Full screened on a 1080p montor:

Quality set to 1080p:
Quality set to 2160p:

I’d just ALT+scrollwheel zoom the page and worry about a technical solutions later.

No kidding, I installed it on Debian Testing and it was pretty bland. Well done Fedora.

Im gonna squish down this video with FFMPEG and see what happens

looks like default FFMPEG settings REALLY dont like squishing my videos,
➤ ffmpeg -i restictutorial.mkv -vf scale=1080:-1 1080test.mkv

Im assuming youtube also uses FFMPEG, So I wonder why it gets so blury