How to add elementaryOS Flatpak repo on non-elementaryOS distros?

What is elementaryOS’s Flatpak repo? I’d like to add it on my KDE Neon.

Flatpak repos are distro agnostic similar to AppImages & Ubuntu’s Snaps. I only know of one Flatpak repo which is

From Flathub’s guide for Elementry it says:

elementary OS 5.1 and newer comes with Flatpak support out of the box. For non-curated apps, head to Flathub to install any app using the big “Install” button, and open the downloaded .flatpakref file with Sideload.

Note: After installing one app from a remote like Flathub, all other apps from that remote will also automatically show up in AppCenter.

The only flatpak repo enabled by default on elementary 6 is their own. Flathub is not enabled by default.


Figured I’d add theirs to see what exclusive elementaryOS software are in that repo.

I asked around on reddit, too, and it’s pretty much empty.