How often do your device sync to NTP servers?


The Linux power NTP pool organization has 4,400 nodes globally. The group are needing more nodes all the time, to match an ever increasing demand. I’m suggesting we take things the other direction, and disable time syncing for non-critical setups, VMs and test systems.

This can be done by booting without an active network connection and running

sudo timedatectl ntp false

Something like that. Clocks drift, yep, but if it’s drifting backwards, you can let it be off for multiple hours and still browse the web, check for updates etc.

I first learned of the timedatectl command because for some reason my VM was several hours (like it would be a bit past noon, and the VM would say 6 P.M.) and I didn’t want to use the network to sync every single boot of the system.

So I turned off network time sync, manually set it and haven’t had an issue with the VM clock yet. That was over a month ago.

Using a pc to browse the web, there is absolutely ZERO requirement for accurate clock data, as long as it’s not significantly set forward. You may test this immediately and prove it.

I think we could save a subatantial amount of energy, just by occasional manual clock adjustment, based on clocks in our homes. It doesn’t have to be perfect.

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