How much time to create and integrate timestamps?

@CubicleNate Hey Nate, We’re discussing timestamps on another forum for another tech podcast I listen to.

About how much time does it take per show to create and integrate the timestamps/chapters for TWIL? Do you use some tools to help automate the process?

How much time would it take if you only included the text of the timestamps and segment names with the podcast file show notes and not create the chapters?

Thanks! :slightly_smiling_face: :star_struck: :pray:

(PS: The timestamps/chapters are the biggest reason why I’m a Patreon of TWIL and your network.)

From my experiences in the past, time stamps are done manually, someone figures the time for each, then types it out in the description for the show’s episode. Depending on the platform, like YouTube, it is built in to know to jump to that time. I forget the syntax it needs to be in. Unless this has changed, it is still a manual process.

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Turns out the syntax is simple. Just a time code in the description. Had to go seek out an old episode of my show from years ago to find it.

05:05 Sons of Blackwater “Lavender” (Houston, Texas)
09:29 Killus “Feel the Monster” (Villarreal , Spain)
13:07 Lights Over Bridgeport “Automatic” (Chicago, Illinois)
17:30 Vipera “Venom” (Torquay, United Kingdom)
22:43 The GNine “Break” (Moscow, Russia)
26:24 Blackberry Wednesday “Hay I" (Memphis, Tennessee)
28:47 Interview with Spencer Ray Selph of The C.H.O.S.E.N
47:37 One True Reason “Cold as Stone” (Sao Paulo, Brazil)
50:02 Hilltop Rats “Take it Back” (Tacoma, Washington)
52:51 Last Edition “Baby’s Day Out” (Leicester, England)
56:29 Twelve Years Driven “Devil’s Way” (Houston, Texas)

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This isn’t a standard. It’s app dependent.

The more universal way to do this is to embed the chapters in the audio file itself.

The actual (proposed?) Chapters podcast tag uses an accompanying JSON file but almost nothing supports it.

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Thanks for the details. Know about how long it takes to get the time codes and integrate them with the podcast file?

It takes me a while to do timestamps for Linux Saloon but I record the times when I edit the video. It takes me quite a while to edit them but much of that time is spent taking out dead air and trying to obfuscate it a bit using a wipe transition. I am getting quicker at it but nothing replaces the fact I have to listen and watch the whole show to ensure it ends up with an acceptable level of quality. I also enjoy doing the bloopers at the end when there are some.

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Cool. Thanks! Cheers.