How Many Minecraft Players Are On This Forum?

If I setup a good Minecraft server, would that be used in the game night?

  • I play Minecraft
  • I do not play Minecraft

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  • Pocket/Bedrock Edition
  • PC/Java Edition

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I dont know the interest in Minecraft for the event. I personally have never played the game so I wouldn’t be able to participate in a group game night on it. Maybe I could do a first look on the game in a video/stream or something though :smiley:

Okay, to all the community: Who plays Minecraft?
I would use my money probably.:grinning:

There’s a poll feature (accessible through the gear icon in the toolbar, or through BBCode if you’re comfortable with that.) Anyway, here’s one for your question.

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Awesome! Thanks!

I created a new thread about finding out how many Minecraft players we have here in the DLN Community.

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By the way I wasn’t planning to keep this server up for very long, probably just the month that I have DL credit.

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I’ve never played Minecraft, but coincidentally I started messing around with Minetest this past week.

I play, mostly Hypixel Skyblock these days, or modded Minecraft. I only started playing to play with my kids, and years later I’m still in it…:joy:

I offer to attempt tp host a server. Not sure how well it will work though. Depends how many people are interested and play at the same time.


Hello siva_machina, welcome to the community, that would be awesome!

Oi…What happened to my English there. So do you want to start the world on your droplet or my computer?

I guess we could start on my computer. See how it plays out. Then if it doesn’t work out. You can spin up that droplet and move the data there.

Sure. You mean a PC server, right? Thank you.

Yeah I am running it on my computer. Not a great computer. But hopefully it will work.

Do you mean Java edition or Bedrock Edition?

Java edition

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Running this on Kubuntu 18.04.3

Feed the beast, yes we play that here, it lots of fun. Especially Tinker’s Construct.


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I would host a modded server. But I can’t do that and have a few people play.