How do I get screen brightness to adjust Ubuntu Mate

I recently installed Ubuntu Mate on my Legion 5 laptop and when was trying it out from flash drive. The screen brightness control worked I was excited because it hasn’t worked since I first switched to linux. After I did a full install everything but the screen brightness worked perfectly. So how do I get it to work again?

There’s a lot of approaches to adjusting brightness so if one doesn’t work another one will. Worst-case you’ll be just setting a shortcut to run a script.

I personally don’t know what’s missing between those two but if you want a quick solution installing xbacklight often works.

sudo apt install xbacklight

# Increase brightness 10%
xbacklight -inc 10

# Decrease brightness 10%
xbacklight -dec 10

# Open keyboard shortcuts and apply the commands to the appropriate keys

Thank you I will give it a try