How can I make GUI apps installed in Distrobox launch from KDE's application launcher?

I installed Teradici PCoIP client on my Deck, and added this in pcoip-client.desktop file:

[Desktop Entry]

Name=PCoIP Client
Comment=Remote access client
Exec=/home/deck/.local/bin/distrobox enter ubuntu-22-04 -- pcoip-client %u

While it worked on Terminal, I can’t make it launch from the application launcher.

Modified /etc/profiles instead of ~/.bashrc.

I’ll edit this with what I put when I got the time and used my deck in desktop mode.

You have to export the app into the host. I did this the other day in a Fedora host and a Kubuntu guest. After installing and exporting Manuskript from Kubuntu into Fedora, it showed up in Fedora. It shows up as the name of the app followed by the name of the guest in the distrobox.

Of course when I launched the exported Manuskript it crashed immediately. It did show up though. Manuskript has been rather flakey lately though. That is why I tried installing inside a distrobox containerized image and exporting it to Fedora.

I only learned about that recently, though the exported output is virtually the same from the one I modified.

Both work

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Enter the guest image from the terminal. Then try the following command.

distrobox-export --app name-of-app-to-export

See if that works.

I already did that. Didn’t work till I did /etc/profiles

As I said, the one created by distrobox-export is virtually the same as the one I manually created.

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