How about an How-to show?

Since my last suggestion of reviving “The Computer Chronicles” did not seem to go over well, how about a How-To show?

I used to watch TWiT.TV for a while until they got overly political and biased.

What was interesting about that show was it was in a studio, and not just talking heads. They would work around a table, and have a few different camera angles so you could see what is going on.

They would show various open source type projects to build, or other things they should show “how to.”

The last one was December 20, 2018.

Here are a few examples of what they did

Sounds like a good idea to me. How would you go about this? Seeing that the Twit has some high end production going on.
I was a fan of twit for a long time but stopped listening and watching around the same time they kicked Dvorak out.

I think the problem with a how-to so in the vain of Twit.Tv is that we do not have the luxury of having the kind of infrastructure for a studio that kind of show would require. The round table and people taking things apart and demonstrating it as a group. Not only financially speaking the geography of where most of the content creators on the network are located is a major hurdle as well. I am only speaking as a sole content creator on the network, but those are some of the realities of it.

As far as the just talking heads part we do many different things with the network to not just be “talking heads”. For example during the Linux 30th Birthday celebration, we ended up donating $500 to the VLC. We have worked with FreeGeek to help bridge the digital divide so people have access to the necessary tools in today’s world. We have done things like the Job board for the community.

I can only speak for me, but I see the network as a whole looking to be a place to bring people together with varying approaches skill levels, and perspectives and having one common goal as it relates to Linux, OSS, etc. Which to me, that common goal is to use technology and OSS to leave the world just in a bit of a better place than we found it.


That’s why I suggest it in a public forum. Where everyone could maybe come up with ideas on making it happen.

Maybe someone has a space to use for a once a week show. Others may have the furniture needed. See if there are some who close to to one another with resources to make it happen.

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Seems he made a reappearance.

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