Home NAS, and some VM, advice needed on set up

Hello here. Maybe somebody could advise me.
For a Nas, I currently have a Syno DS411J, but it s getting slower and slower, and I have issue with my Linux PC and the fact you cannot change UUID on DSM…
So, I want to upgrade. I am thinking of course about FreeNas, ZFS and RaidZ2 with 6 disks.
The thing is also want to run some VM, like a tor node, pihole, volumio, bitwarden, maybe plex and maybe even a webserver with nextcloud and a wiki, for a group of friends.
So, what s best ?
Freenas, and VM running of freenas ?
an ubuntu (or centos?) server, libvirt, and freenas as a VM ?
2 separate box, one for freenas, one for the VM ?
Thank you for your help. If you can point me in the good direction, I will read from there :slight_smile: