High-End Gaming PCs Banned in Six US States after California Energy Bill Limits Sales On High Performance PCs

I suggest people in those states get out and vote next time to make changes

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A quick itemized rant…

  • No projection for what the net gain of a law would be leaving the reader with big numbers instead of what would actually happen.
  • No guestimate as to how many of those homes are using solar and given the cost of high end PCs it’ll be closer to the solar affording end of the owner spectrum.
  • The context it’s put against is only residental usage instead of state usage which artificially boosts the preceived problem by orders of magnitude assuming the goal is to reduce usage in general.
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I suspect they are only using numbers coming off grid use. If they did not want all those PCs on the grid, they could of done something to encourage those with the ability to set up alternatives such as solar panels to do so. It seems politicians just seem to want to ban everything instead of finding constructive alternatives.

For example, Germany is now the biggest manufacturer of solar panels. One would think it is China, not Germany. Some years ago Germany came up with a generous tax credit plan for putting solar panels on your property. Since the German government was paying for it, seems cost was no longer an issue. From that, sprung up a lot of solar manufacturing industry, and a lot of solar panels all across the country.

I think they excluded state usage for a reason. If seems the wording in the law which excludes “work stations.” I am sure governments have millions of those, and they are probably left on 24/7.
Due to the wording of those laws, look for new “High-end ‘Workstations’ (Gaming Enabled)” to start popping up soon.

I live between two different areas. The electrical pricings are polar opposites. One, if you don’t use at least 1000 kWh a month, then they want to charge you more. The other is the more you use, the heck of a enormous amount they charge you beyond a set amount and call it “excessive usage”

“This product is known to the state of California to cause cancer, birth defects, etc.”

Would love to see that on a little sticker badge next to the “Intel Inside”.

The messy middle. Sounds like some sort of tranfer of wealth scheme and not in the Robin Hood kind of way…

Obviously you need a Tesla power wall in your trunk :slight_smile:

That article has got it completely wrong, That Bill is all about the idle power consumption of PCs, Not total power consumption. A couple of videos that actually explain the situation fairly well:

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No thanks!

I’d be deeply surprised if there weren’t fires given the company is shipping truly massive quantities of batteries and it only takes one bad cell to start a chain reaction.

I suppose i’m wondering what their record is like per capita and is the % likelihood of a problem low enough that i’d need several thousand lifetimes to get a bad pack.