Help us to develop an open source social deduction game, OpenSuspect!

Hi, DLN community!
I’m Nice Micro (Micro for short), a long time listener of the podcast, and my video responses/questions have appeared on the show twice.
I have recently joined forces with many like minded individuals to develop an open source social deduction game, which we named OpenSuspect (based on the OpenSus meme).

Currently the game is in early development, but we thought it would be fun to get some engagement with the community.

If you are interested in contributing to a game, now it’s easier than ever!
Download our official character design pdf file, print it out, pick up the color pencils closest to you, and start drawing! When finished, scan it and post it to us on our subreddit, r/OpenSuspect. Or, if you are well versed in the art of editing multi-layered svg files, download this template and start clicking in your favorite svg editor, and post your design to us!

If we like your design, we will contact you about the details.


Important Links
Here are all the important links for the project.

General links:
Github: GitHub - opensuspect/opensuspect: Start-from-zero refactoring of the OpenSuspect game
Itch: OpenSuspect by opensus, GrbavaCigla, Orangemn6, moxvallix, theslaughterbehindtheman, Nice Micro, TheSecondReal0

Matrix chats: (For Contributors)



That’s great! I’m going to search for my crayons and get printing. :smile:

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Are the art assets going to be free and open as well?

that’s the plan!

The link to the PDF displays a 0B file with no preview, and I can’t get it to open from Firefox or Okular…Is there another link to get the Character Design pdf?

Dang, somehow the file got sabotaged, so I uploaded again.
I tried to edit the link in the original post, but I seem to have no permission to edit it, so here is the new one:

well, yes, and no.
It’s an open source social deduction game, set in the 60s divided cold war era Germany, it is developed with extensibility in mind, the rules are also not going to be a 1:1 copy of Among Us, we’ll try to feature multiple styles of social deduction games in multiple maps.
But no one can credibly deny the fact, that without the success of Among Us, we wouldn’t have started working on this project.

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Cheers, I can download now.

I’ve just found out that this post was featured on DLN Game Sphere by Chris Were!
Thanks a lot for popularizing the project!