Help Us Merge DLN's RSS Feeds

Calling out to the DLN Community for assistance!

We’d like to create an all-in-one RSS feed for ALL DLN shows.

Issue: our feeds are on different domains so it would need to parse all feeds and make a new combined feed.

Anyone able & willing to help?

Note: this is so people can subscribe to one feed if they want and still get the downloads but for every show in one go. :slight_smile:

Also this will be used for other things as well. If we can get this made, I have a bunch of ways this could be awesome to have. :+1:

I have my own attempt to create this merged feed and it kind of works but it isn’t an ideal state right now to use. Here is the repo I just created on GitHub for this, if you can help I’d very much appreciate it.


Can I ask the obvious questions. How are the RSS feeds created to begin with?

Couldn’t you create the large feed and have the other feeds be a subset?

More from the GitHub page:


I am open to any suggestions including potential replacements but I would prefer PHP because I at least partially understand it. :smiley: If it would be better to replace RSSMix with SimplePie for example then I am open to that as well. This might be a better approach anyway but I’m not sure.

I can help but I know my schedule won’t let me jump in immediately. Roughly 6 weeks out. My feelings won’t be hurt if someone else jumps in front of me.

I have extensive backend php coding experience and have worked on projects involving RSS generation. Mostly my recent work in RSS involves retrieval and parsing. I’ll have to spend a little time getting refreshed on RSS generation.

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I thought it sounded odd that there wasn’t a ready-made PHP script for this, so I did a little search.

I found these:

The second is by far the most advanced, but the first seems to do what you are looking for. It lacked a few functions, like proper handling of namespaces and the ability to add a custom XML base stub to build upon, so I wrapped the functions in a class and added the missing features.

You can find it here:

The file rssmerge.php shows an example of usage.
Either run the file from the command line (possibly in a cron job)

php rssmerge.php > combinedfeeds.rss

Or put the PHP file directly on a web server, but in that case, add a caching reverse proxy in front of it, since it takes a while to execute and you don’t want it to do that on every request.
I put in a check, to see if it is running on a web server. It will then automatically add the correct headers and the cache time is set to 10 minutes, but you can change that.

WARNING: This is barely tested and may burn down your house or kill your pets.

  • I have executed the scripts command line and verified that it generates a valid RSS file.
  • I have executed it behind a web server and verified that it generates a correct RSS feed with correct http headers.

Nothing else is tested! Use at your own risk :slight_smile:

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