Help Setting up WireGuard

Hello there!

I had a post in the uncategorized section of the forum about a little experiment I would like to try. I know that people from the community could probably help me out asynchronously using the forum approach but I am wondering if someone would commit to a mumble/TeamViewer session?

I am interested in producing content AND solving problems. I came up with a template for this type of request and filled it out accordingly.

If someone is willing to help me solve this problem, I can guarantee that I will deliver well written documentation with screen shots and code snippets. This will be delivered through GitHub and linked in this thread after it’s been re-titled as [PUBLISHED].

I also guarantee that that a ~10 min podcast will be produced if the individual providing aid consents to have their voice aired publicly. This podcast would include a summation with sound bits of crucial moments that came up in the process as well as links to documentation in the show notes. I use to do a podcast with a friend that fell through, but I still have the domain name. The audio could also be redistributed and shared by anyone as well.

The machine I want to run WireGuard on is an AtomicPi x86 machine.
It is running Ubuntu Mate with kernel 5.3.0-23

I would probably nuke and pave it with the same thing before someone is willing to help just so that we can start fresh.

If someone is willing to try this with me with this format, that would be AWESOME. I am on telegram so if you hit me up with a DM @rastacalavera and we can work out a date and time to sit down together online.

If someone just wants to reply and help trouble shoot in the traditional sense, that’s fine too.

You haven’t talked about how much you know about networking in linux. There are many fundamental concepts, upon which Wireguard relies, and assumes familiarity with, which you haven’t mentioned whatsoever. I suggest you buy some Raspberry Pi’s, network them together, and make yourself a proper mad scientist lab where you play with this stuff, until you understand it.

It took me years to gain familiarity with all these things, back in the day.

I think you are in need of considerably more than just some “troubleshooting”.

Thanks for the reply. I don’t know if you looked at the pdf I linked to but I do say that I understand the basics of networking. I actually have several raspberry pi machines that power my 3D printers and use an extension with port forwarding to access them outside of my Lan. I also run an emby server that can be accessed outside of my Lan.
I am in the final stretch with WG and know that it is probably a simple thing that I over looked that maybe someone could help me catch.
The point of this (if you read my uncategorized post) is an opportunity for two people to engage in real time and produce clear documentation and possibly audio content.
Rather than someone finding a similar forum post and then reading all the comments, once this problem is solved documentation would be linked in the first comment and it works be tagged as published.
You want to work through this with me at some point? I’m gone Thursday - Sunday this week but could be available tonight after 8pm central time.

Welp, got it done myself.
It was very rewarding to accomplish this task but a bit sad because I did it in solitude. Here is a link to my documentation. I will be producing an audio summary this weekend and then updating this to keep inline with the original vision.