Help for packaging hardware

I will be moving soon to a very far location, and one problem I have is that I need to move 4 laptops, 2 monitors, 2 printers, a PC (it’s my server, I’m building it like a gaming PC, but is actually intended as a server), a whole bunch of keyboards and mice (IIRC 1 mechanical wired, 1 wired mouse and 3 wireless sets), and other stuff. What types of package do you use to move hardware? I was looking but almost everything I found is cardboard. Is cardboard safe enough for air transport?

I wrap my tech hardware in the clothing i’m bringing.

If it’s something bulky like a PC tower you’d want to put it in the original box it came in or something equivalent and i’d remove the GPU, the CPU cooler if it’s very large or anything else that’ll excerpt a lot of stress on the board when it’s dropped. If any storage is spinning rust it should be carried on you.

Just be mindful that the airport will probably want to inspect the tech in your carry-on separately.


I guess I would first ask, how are you transporting all of the stuff? (self transported, shipped/sent etc.).
Shipped/sent is obviously shipping half of the “safe” part to someone else.

When I moved a few years ago it as by loading all of my stuff into a rented van.
*I put all of the peripherals in a box, keyboards/tablets stacked and mice were just packed at the end space the keyboards didn’t take up. I had a small metal tin with the various dongles and adaptors in the box as well. All of the free space in the box was filled with scrunched up newspaper to stop things jumping around.
*I had 2 laptops on top of each other which I just wrapped in a big bath towel and found a space to slot them in amongst the other stuff I moved.
*2 monitors were wrapped in bubble wrap (3-4 layers worth from a roll I got at the local box/moving type store), placed screen to screen and then wrapped in a spare blanked I had. I slid that bundle in a place where it wouldn’t be able to move around.
*my PC was moved pretty much in tact aside from the GPU which I took out and wrapped separately in lots of bubble wrap. There wasn’t much else that would be likely to move inside the case so I just crammed it with newspaper and put the side back on. Wrapped the entire thing in lots of bubble wrap (with the wrapped GPU held to the side by the outer wrapping). I laid it flat in the safest spot I could find for it.
*one thing I didn’t initially factor in was the mounts (monitor and desk tidying stuff), I ended taking it all apart as much as I could and finding a small plastic bag for screws and such…not ideal as it was a pain to go through and figure out which screws went where.

Take away…lots of bubble wrap, not super expensive and totally worth the money. I didn’t need it all after the move and threw it up on facebook marketplace, someone happily picked it up the next day.

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I will try to self-transport in my flight. Unless something is very hard to move (or too big to put in a suitcase) I think I can manage a way for someone to ship it with a FedEx-like service.

I keep all my original boxes & foam for my tech. So my Tower goes in to the PC case Box. then maybe in a bigger box with more padding

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That is also what I do.

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Whoa, you fit all your dongles in a small metal tin? I need a separate box for mine. Those and the spare cables, all of which I’ll probably never need…until ten minutes after I throw it away! :grinning:


Small in the relative sense, it was a biscuit tin that fitted my SDR stuff, USB-X, HDMI-X, SD readers…that kind of thing.
I never really brought into the wireless peripheral world in a big way so cables what I had to move.


Try out Ventoy! you can use one USB for many ISOs