Hardware/Software recommendation for Podcast/Tutorial setup on Linux

I’m looking to start a podcast/tutorial series. I have not seen many post on any recommended setups for hardware peripherals. Mic, Mixer(if any) software needed (OBS, Shotcut etc) Are there any ‘gotchas’ or things to look out for? I currently have a headset and mic I use for gaming, but would really like a proper mic for this setup.

edit: I’ll share my hardware and current software in case this helps
OS : Fedora (always current)
Software : OBS, Shotcut (i’m no pro in either, just basic knowledge)
CPU : AMD Ryzen 3900X
Memory : 64GB Ram
GPU : RX5700XT
MoBo : Asus X570 PRIME
Storage : PLENTY ! 2x1TB NVMe + 12TB RAID0 + various backup tools
Peripheral : Headset Razer Kraken Tournament edition
Basic Keyboard/Mouse (don’t judge me ! )

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Here’s the list the “podfather” (Adam Curry) usese nowadays.
His setup is geared towards ms, but there might be some good pointers to soft/hardware.
If any, maybe it’ll provide some tips in general.


Anyway, good luck with it!

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