Hardware Advice!

So I’m looking for some advice on 2 things (sort of)…

First, I’m looking for a mic for communicating… Not podcasting, but a simple good quality mic so I can join discord chats, etc.

2nd is that with some bonus money coming in (I say bonus - I sort of worked my butt off on a 2nd job to get it) I’m looking to build a new PC. I haven’t built a PC in over 10 years (my last 2 PC purchases were getting a deep discount through my old job) and I’m getting the bug about building my own. I’m looking to go AMD (so far Ryzen 9 appears to better bang than Threadripper) for CPU and Video… but I’d love some advice from the community…

I put together a build on PC Part Picker and am looking for critiques or opinions from those more knowledgeable than myself in these regards!

Part of this is I don’t want to upgrade anything for at least 4-5 years, so I’m going high end… and 2nd is I’m probably going to be doing some graphic intensive work coming up (multiple windows doing multiple charting, etc). I’m going to be using a 43" 4K TV as my ‘monitor’ - I may add another monitor or 2 if necessary.

If there are any other questions about it, let me know. Otherwise I’m looking forward to seeing what everyone’s opinions are on the matter!

AMD procs come with a fan and they work great. you dont need a third party cooler.

I recommend getting a cheap scratch drive. So that you can use that for your Read and writes for Graphical stuff.

Otherwise, looks fine.

Your hardware may have a maximum RAM limit per simm below 32GB. I did an AMD performance build this year for an office and ran into the same problem with 32GB simms (I also tried a BIOS update). I couldn’t find the RAM/simm limit listed anywhere but it’s a thing.

Just make sure someone else got 32GB per simm working first or that an open-box is returnable.

As for a cooler that CPU’s TDP is pretty high at 105W. It doesn’t need an upgraded cooler but it’ll probably be noisy during times of sustained load without one.

I’d also recommend good thermal paste. Artic MX-2 or anything above it:

Tom’s Hardware: https://cdn.mos.cms.futurecdn.net/Z4CckpPNnccZyi5kXrV3WM-650-80.png

Even top-end aftermarket coolers don’t come with good paste.

It’ll be an amazing machine! :slight_smile:

Looks good.

I don’t have experience with the hp nvme, but I’m using a pair of seagate barracuda nvme drives which are nice. If you’re doing a lot of writes they may be better (eg 1, 800 vs 3, 000 Mbps) https://www.amazon.com/Seagate-Barracuda-Internal-Solid-State/dp/B07ZPRK68X

As for the noctua, It wouldn’t fit in my case so I went with a scythe mugen 5 pcgh edition that is just that little bit smaller but still keeps my 3700 below 50C even under full load for over an hour.

On the mic side of things you could try a rock band mic which is always @MichaelTunnell choice. But joking aside if you just want to communicate you should just buy a headset with a mic built in. It will sound worse but it will be cheaper and people will still understand you

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I am not the person to answer the computer hardware stuff but with the Mic stuff I have some opinions there. :smiley:

Since you aren’t looking for recording but rather to just have it for communication such as Discord and what not then as long as the microphone is decent that’s all you need. I suggest getting a cheap headset such as one from Logitech because they range around $20-$30 (typically) and will be good enough for sure. It won’t be great quality or even very good quality but it will work and thats all that seems needed in this scenario.

@thatComputerKid, Rock Band mic is a great option too lol

I was right!!!

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Actually - this Ryzen 9 3950X from Amazon does NOT come with a cooler… And the cooler version is $150 more…

A friend of mine help me tweak the build a bit… Updated PC Partpicker

He recommended this nvme as it runs using the faster PCI lane (as mentioned on Hardware Addicts Ep 11

Interesting. Most amd procs come with a cooler. I’m surprised this one doesn’t.

I was listening to another podcast where they mentioned some of the newer AMDs aren’t coming with coolers anymore.

Crucial Has a very good list of how much memory a motherboard can hold. For Windows, they do have a scanner you can run on the computer which is better than their list.

Forgot to mention this, I went on a mic hunting crusade a while back for something small but very high quality to use with Mumble. I have no audio experience so I based the quality on people’s opinions on what they heard.

If you’ll be using speakers for coms, you’ll want something like the Modmic 5 which is less likely to pick them up. There’s also a Bluetooth option.

For headphones and a static mic, the Edutige ETM-008 is exceptional outside of going fullsize pro, i’m using it with a 1m 3.5mm extension cord plugging into a dongle sized USB Sound Blaster but your onboard sound may be just as good.

It’s not a shotgun mic in the technical sense but a special hybrid that’s tailored to a particular setting such as someone sitting in-front of a computer. I just Velcro’ed mine to the top of my monitor though the sweet spot is 6-8 inches from you.

Edutige ETM-008: https://www.edutige.net/etm-008-gopro-hero4-black-etm-008-shotgun-mic-gopro/
Sound Blaster dongle: Sound Blaster PLAY! 3 - Sound Blaster - Creative Labs (United States)
Modmic 5: ModMic USB – Antlion Audio

That is extremely useful information. I think their service is down right now, nothing I add to the manufacturer field comes up with anything and I tried it on stock Chromium, i’ll check back later.

Crucial Advisor tool | Crucial.com

It works for me, and I am using Waterfox Classic (forked Firefox version 56)

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Working perfect for me now, weird.

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Thank you everyone for the advice and comments…

For the record - this is the final build (that has all been purchased and will be arriving in the coming days!)

My New PC


That was a huge upgrade. So how did it all turn out, any issues?

No issues whatsoever. This has been my daily driver and been using it as such.

Currently I’m working on setting up VFIO Passthrough to run a window VM on my single AMD Video card!

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