Hardware Addicts 52 Question... 4K monitors and display scaling?

Hi Folks,

I found the recent monitor discussion quite helpful, since my current Asus PB277Q (27’’ 1440p gaming focused monitor that happened to be cheap on Amazon a few years ago) is slowly getting ready to betray me. Every time I move the monitor it refuses to power on until I fiddle with the cables in the correct order, so I’m looking at upgrade options for when it does finally let out the magic smoke.

One thing that seems odd to me is that display scaling was not mentioned once in a discussion that was heavily focused on 4K monitors. In particular I recall @MichaelTunnell talking about a 27’’ 4K monitor, which is what I will probably upgrade to when the inevitable happens. I’m curious to know if fractional or integer display scaling is a requirement to make text legible on such a monitor. Judging from my current 1440p monitor, I could imagine that with a higher resolution on the same size screen stuff could look kinda small.

Do the hosts or anyone else have any thoughts?


I think scaling is required with 4k monitors but I’m no spring chicken. I’m sure there are those out there that leave the text small. Scaling is really an operation of the desktop environment. Gnome, KDE, Xfce etc. can all scale. You can also adjust text sizes, tool bar sizes etc. if there isn’t a proper in-between 150-200% you prefer.

With regards to your monitor, before giving up on it…make sure to try a new cable. These HDMI, DP, cables do go bad and I’ve had quite a few start messing up over the years.

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I think the problem stems from the fact that the power cable (and by extension the circuit board it connects to) constantly has pressure applied to it by a slanted bit of the rear monitor casing. I did switch the power cable a while ago, which didn’t help a lot. I’ve had different devices connected with various HDMI cables and always had the same results. At the moment I have my PC connected via DP, and PlayStation3 via HDMI and everything has been fine since I hooked it up and got it working.

:+1: My eyesight is still reasonably good, so 125% scaling could do it for me. I’ll just have to experiment when I do get a new monitor.

Have you tried using a connector other than hdmi? It could be an issue with the hdmi connector on the monitor instead of the power board. If you have a displayport connector then I’d try that unless you’re just wanting to upgrade the monitor.