Hardware addicts 23 - You missed the point about M1?

Hey guys, big fan of Destination linux and Hardware addicts.

Just heard episode 23 and I think you let your hate for apple cloud your judgement about the M1, big time :slight_smile:

I’m not an apple fanboy. For context, I’m a developer, I run linux on all my machines. Never owned a single apple device.

However, from an hardware perspective, M1 is impressive.

  1. the performance/power ratio of that thing blows away any Intel/AMD chip. There are faster cpus and there are lower power ones. Nothing with this ratio. It also destroys anything from Qualcomm or Samsung and these guys are in the business of making “low power/high performance” cpus. Just go check the benchmarks.

The ratio is what matters on a mobile device. No one wants a super fast laptop if the cost of that is it weighing a ton or having a 3hr battery.

  1. a lot of points done about the lack of reparability and upgradeability. I’d love laptops to be upgradable or repairable but that ship has already sailed for the ultra portable devices. You can say exactly the same regarding say a dell xps 13.

  2. Even if you hate Apple, the fact that they built a laptop cpu this good, when all the others have tried and failed (like those terrible ARM machines from microsoft) is exciting. It will pull the whole industry up.

Anyway, keep up the good shows. we disagree this time but I still love you guys,


Welcome to the DLN Forum and thank you for sharing your feedback!

However, I though Ryan did express the hardware of the M1 is impressive. I think I said the negative stuff but me not knowing much about hardware is par for the course. :smiley:

Yeah, that M1 chip sips power (5W) while delivering single core performance on par with a hungry 125W core i7. Definitely a game changer.

I for one would love to be about to buy a motherboard from MSI or ASUS with a M1 CPU and run Linux on it. Even better would be a laptop from tuxedo or system 76 et al with this chip. I guess who wouldn’t. Finally imagine what an M8 could be like in 8 years from now, it is truely exciting. I am hoping of course someone does something awsome like this with Risc V.