Hardware Addicts 11: NVMe M.2 SSDs Explained, Camera Microprocessors, Wireless Headphones & More!


Thank you for clearing up the M.2 vs NVMe thing for me! This episode was very informative.


I think @dasgeek may have gotten some things backward? I am fairly sure that M.2 is the form factor while NVMe is the interface. So there are NVMe M.2 drives and SATA M.2 drives, but no SATA NVMe drives.

The price also isn’t what it used to be. The nvme versions of disks are around the same price as the slower m.2 sata ssds nowadays. (There are exceptions of course)

For the next episode/camera corner: Dynamic range, going beyond 256 shades of grey!

Also, I’m interested in eventually going into lense filters such as circular polarized filters and UV filters, and how they interact with digital sensors compared to film/why circular and not linear polarization filters are needed.

Thank you for a great podcast

Thanks, everyone - very informative and entertaining, as ever :slight_smile:

I’ve had a taste of the hard disk to solid state life-changing transition and look forward to being able to fund more of the newer technology in future hardware purchase. Also continuing to enjoy having my brain filled in camera corner too :+1: