Haiku: capture the essense of your favorite/unfavorite distros


Grandfather of most
Worthy of respect and praise
Stable for Server

MX Linux:

Gets it done blazing
Great tools, great community
Needs tweaking first though

Linux Mint:

Deeply Sensible
Everything just works, refined
Smooth, familiar

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Pain points well-removed
First stop for noobs, get settled
long-term LTS


Tiling WM fans
Geeks with something to prove; smarts
Re-invents wheel, why?

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Good Design comes first
Apple are not dumb, follow
But also unique


New spins of the wheel
Some having different rims
Air pressures change, too


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Can you please phrase that as a haiku, @lqlarry? :wink:


What is a Haiku
With DuckDuckGo as my friend
This now is Haiku

:stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: (sorry I didn’t pick up on the 5, 7, 5)

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Web, games, vids, Scratch, Py
Hellion Children’s Playground
Small miracle; ARM


Wow, Redhat is rich!
We too want some of that, please.
BuTteR FuSs, thank us.


Corporate Linux
Many false-start projects, wait.
For stodgy clients


ZFS, pee pants!
Best FS since forever
Server. Not much else.

Linux Mint Mate
I like the DE it was why I stopped using Ubuntu as i like the Gnome 2 style
It allows the installation of all the codecs I need during install (back in the day these were just installed)
The release cycle is always rock solid, I rarely have issues with it in day to day use (it’s not perfect no OS is, but very good)
It has most of the tools I need out of the box, or they are an apt install away

Debian’s stable
The way to go
For daily needs

Fedora bleeds
In a good way
For experiments

Ubuntu’s a bedrock
Seems bloated though
And not for me

Mint - first stop
Moving from Windows
Though I prefer more vanilla

Manjaro, pretty no doubt
But failed for me
Out of the box…

CentOS useful
For industrial compatibility
And certification needs

LFS a challenge
An education
And next-up!

Arch and Gentoo
Very interesting
Yet to try

Does this count?

HAIKU is an open source operating system currently in development. Specifically targeting personal computing, Haiku is a fast, efficient, simple to use, easy to learn, and yet very powerful system for computer users of all levels.



That was what I first though of when I saw this thread.

HAIKU is simple
Though I’ve never really used it
They say it’s alright

I might not have gotten that quite right–I’m not familiar with haiku or HAIKU.
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