GTK and its bindings to C++ and other languages for app building

With recent news about Qt LTS versions, my enthusiasm to learn the toolkit has been dampened. Currently I’m learning JavaFX which has a GTK backend. As I’ve said elsewhere Java has long been my go-to programming language mainly due to its mature and extensive API including for GUIs.

If you have experience writing apps using GTK and it’s language bindings (especially for C++) I’d be interested in hearing your views on how you find this, and why you preferred it over Qt or other frameworks.

Thanks :slight_smile:

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Hey! C++ GtkMM is good way for you to go. :grinning: It is available in repos.

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Indeed! My plan is to get to grips with it in native C first, then the C++ and other bindings.

Welcome to DLN forums, btw :slight_smile: