Grub won't install

I’m trying to install Linux on an HP stream 11 pro g2 I got for my girl friend . I have tried installing Linux mint, pop OS, and Zorin lite but each one says the grub won’t install. Despite that Pop did work but it was to heavy for the hardware and ran super slow. What do I do to fix the grub problem?

Pop uses system D boot btw. Check your Bios settings make sure secure boot is off. Intel Celeron N3050 Dual-core (2 Core) 1.60 GHz is pretty weak. So make sure to use a Lightweight desktop Like LXQT … Maybe try Debian 11 with LXQT desktop.
Or if you’re used to Linux you could follow this guide for Arch (not hard anymore)
just choose LXQT or LXDE. and system D boot Install Arch Linux The Easy Way With The Official Install Script - YouTube

Or Maybe Fedora spin of LXQT Fedora LXQt Desktop

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Mx and AntiX are also a good choice

I’m installing it for my girlfriend so I’m not sure arch would be the best but I will look into the others.

Arch can be set up to make it easier. by installing pamac-nosnap for updates and software. you just have to build it up to meet needs and ease of use. But Like you said issues can arise due to the bleeding edge nature of Arch , (you would have to fix it)

…Try MX…;;;;;;;

Dude MX is perfect! Thanks for the suggestion!

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Rad! glad it worked for you!

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