Great Tuxedo customer service

I have a tuxedo aura from a couple of years ago. I often use it docked with a us ansi external keyboard. Being in the UK my laptop has a UK iso keyboard build in so I keep having to switch both in the os and in my brain. My solution was to contact tuxedo and ask about a replacement ansi keyboard for the laptop to suite my new needs. The outcome is that they were very communicative and helpful and I have it on order.

I just thought this is another plus in tuxedos favour which they deserve credit for. I can’t imagine hp or dell bothering with this kind of request.

I’ll post again when it arrives with details of how it turned out.


Can confirm. I have a Tuxedo Pulse and the battery ballooned just over a year after getting it. I sent them a picture thinking it was just a bent bottom panel and they said nope it is the battery and sent me a replacement right away no questions asked. Because of its construction it was trivial to replace.

They also were cool with me installing Debian and took my feedback about maybe making the BIOS libreboot on future iterations. :crossed_fingers:

PS: Also, the fact you can get your own custom keyboard layout laser etched is just awesome. Not only did I get custom fonts which are super clear, but also get to replace the meta key with my own logo. Really loved that personalisation.


The new keyboard arrived and I am typing this message on it. Good work Tuxedo.