Great site: "The Laws of UX"

For those who might develop Open Source Software:


Wow that is an amazing collection of information, well presented. I feel like there are countless disciplines and situations that I could improve by looking some of these over. Thanks.

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Yes, agreed! There are tons of low-hanging fruit (to improve the UX) in the apps we all know and love.

Here’s another interesting article on UX, where a GUI developer believes that Godot isn’t just useful for making video games, but it’s actually a darn good tool for making day-to-day GUI apps as well:

I apologize that that article is on

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I have never seen this website but I am familiar with almost all of these principles and this is such a well presented approach to expressing them. They even use some of the principles in the presentation of the principles. I like that. :smiley:

Thanks for sharing this link . . . I wish people would implement these more in Open Source projects. They would go a long way. :sunglasses:

They’re relying on cloudflare to supply a JS library for opening their main menu. Yikes.

Very good read though, will have to reference again.

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