Great News! We're Moving From Ko-Fi To Sponsus For DL Podcast Patrons

We wanted to let everyone know we will be switching to a better more robust alternative to Ko-Fi, called Sponsus. The link to our Sponsus page is Sponsus.

There are no changes to Patreon for those who support us on that platform.

The same benefits you get on Patreon or Ko-Fi are now available on Sponsus and they’re proponents of free speech as well as work with the content creators and communities directly.

Having direct communication with the platform Sponsus has enabled us to provide feedback which has resulted in feature creation and enhancements that benefits everyone.

We will leave Ko-Fi up for the time being to give individuals time to migrate to Sponsus. During this transition period you will continue to receive the same perks here on Ko-Fi. We would like to transition as soon as possible because we have to pay monthly fees to keep Ko-Fi going in addition to transaction fees. We will be looking to cancel our Ko-Fi campagin by the end of November.

We know switching platforms is not ideal. However, Ko-Fi was always seen as a interim solution for us as we hunted for a platform that shared our values and provided the features and perks we want to offer our Patrons.

Finally, we can also kill the Ko-Fi / Koffee joke…

Thank you!

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Except for the captcha loading error “ERROR for site owner: Invalid domain for site key” when signing up.

Or is that just me?

Thanks Tiedemann for pointing that out. They’re migrating from their .org to .com in the future and we thought they had already migrated. I updated the link in the post to point to their .org domain and it should work now. Appreciate you checking on this!

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Between Patreon and Sponsus do you have a preference on which we use?

We do not have a preference for which platform someone uses. We switched away from Ko-fi because honestly, Ko-fi was a headache and Sponsus allows us to offer an alternative to Patreon that is actually good to use. :smiley:

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