Graphics tablets and software on linux

Seeking advice please!
For a software and hardware combo.
A graphics tablet and software package birthday present for a 10 yr old

Keen to hear from anyone with artist younglings who can design and create with a pen/stylus.
Please share your experience and setup if you have a similar and successful story.

I’m looking for something that isn’t too complex but still provides a fun environment and easy interface for a creative youngster.

Also availability in Australia as I’ve left it almost to the last minute.

Hardware like this
Huion graphics tablet
or or the XP-Pen (if it’s Linux compatible

Which can be easily set up with something like Krita (or other suggested kid friendly packages )
which I found on here Best Graphic Design Software for Linux in 2020 - OSTechNix

Any advice welcome

Sine posting I’ve found a community curated hardware compatibility list for Krita

List of supported tablets

Just on the research I’ve done so far, I think either one of the ~$AU120 XP-Pen or Huion tablets might do the job for the device with Krita as the software package.

I’m worried that Krita might be a little to overwhelming for a 10yr old.

Anything from Wacom is pretty much guaranteed to work flawlessly. I have two of them and never had a problem. There’s even a configuration utility built into Ubuntu today.

I don’t know how the utility in Gnome works, but in KDE Plasma, it’s fantastic. It allows you to remap the buttons, control multiple profiles, map the drawing area to a specific screen or just a part of a screen.

Regarding applications that are a little simpler than Krita, I would suggest you take a look at the following:


Cool simple painting application with many brushes and a simple user interface.


Simple painting application with support for both raster and vector drawing and it allows you to do animations as well.


Collaborative drawing application, allowing multiple people to draw on the same canvas at the same time.

All of the above were available from the software center. I installed them and tested them with my trusty old Wacom Intuos3 Pro 9x12" tablet and they all worked perfectly (I initially thought Drawpile wasn’t detecting the pen pressure, but it just had a solid brush selected by default).

I’m sure there are many tablets that will do well, but I would personally pick a used Wacom over most others, unless I know for sure that the alternative is Wacom-compatible or has excellent Linux user reviews.