Gogh - 185 color schemes for GNOME terminal

GNOME terminal doesn’t include very many options for color schemes and I wanted to add a new favorite of mine called Brogrammer. I found a very easy way to do this with Gogh which lets you pick from 185 color schemes.

From a terminal:

bash -c "$(wget -qO- https://git.io/vQgMr)"

Then you get the list of all the schemes available. Enter the number of the one you want and it will create a profile for you. Easy peasy.

Default Ubuntu GNOME terminal color scheme and profile:

Running Gogh to select a color scheme:

Terminal and profile after choosing a new color scheme:


Does that just work with Gnome terminal or other GTK terminals (like Xfce terminal)? I am actually very happy with the default colour scheme, (it’s just a terminal, anything is better than the old green screen VT102 compatibles or amber VT52 compatible I first got to use), but I wouldn’t mind messing about for the fun of it.

Update Edit: It seems to work on Xfce Term too, just go to Preferences and the Colours tab to Load Presets and select your chosen default again, White on Black in my case.

I recently changed my terminal colours. The text is now more readable, but ugly. This post was helpful. Thank you!

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I updated the original post to show screenshots. I think that should explain it but basically, it creates a new profile with a custom color scheme based on whatever option you choose when running Gogh.